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“Russian Defection” is a new action, spy, thriller comic book mini-series.

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Want to read a gripping spy thriller about a Cold War Reality? Russian Defection is for you.

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Russian Defection Korean Soldiers
1986 North Korea

Set in 1986 during the height of the Cold War, RUSSIAN DEFECTION chronicles a C.I.A. agent specializing in rescuing people from behind enemy lines. He gets caught in a deadly spy game with the Soviet K.G.B. over newly advanced weapons technology that the U.S. desperately needs to stop imminent World War 3.

RUSSIAN DEFECTION showcases how the Cold War was fought between the United States and the Soviet Union using secret covert operations and proxy wars, touching on what it was like to live under constant threat of nuclear war.

Russian Defection” is historical fiction which does not involve superheroes. The fictional characters are realistically portrayed in a real world story and plot that is grounded in real classified technologies the U.S. and U.S.S.R. had in 1986.

In this first thirty page issue, PART 1, ESCAPING NORTH KOREA, we are introduced to Brad Sotiris, the C.I.A. agent who goes on a mission far behind enemy lines into North Korea encountering unforeseen consequences.

Russian Defection” is historical fiction which does not involve superheroes. The fictional characters are realistically portrayed in a real world story and plot that is grounded in real classified technologies the U.S. and U.S.S.R. had in 1986.

History Teaches Us

Freedom is Never More than One Generation away from Extinction.


name: Brad

“BRAD Brad Sotiris was born and raised in Bethel, Ohio. Sotiris means “savior” in Greek. He didn’t like school, getting average grades but excelled at sports. He played quarterback in high school, leading his football team to win a state championship. His dad was in the Air Force when Brad was in high school. His dad was involved in Operation Rolling Thunder flying combat missions over North Vietnam during 1966 when his plane was shot down. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. Brad graduated high school that year and enlisted in the Army, so he could go to Vietnam and rescue his dad.

He went through basic training and the Army Airborne School, which qualified him for Special Forces Green Beret training, which he passed, and chose to specialize in Combat Hostage Search and Rescue. During Brad’s training, his dad died in a North Vietnam prisoner of war camp. Brad became a high achiever, graduating at the top of his class. He was sent to Vietnam, committed to being the best Green Beret. He turned to a path of revenge against the Communists in North Vietnam for letting his father die in a POW [Prison of War] camp there. This also committed him to fight the Soviet Union in any way he could during the Cold War because it was a Soviet missile that shot down his father’s plane.

From 1967 to 1975, he worked with small Special Forces units on combat search and rescue missions for downed pilots behind enemy lines. He acted with such determination, it was as if he was rescuing his own dad on every mission. He rescued eleven downed pilots in North Vietnam and Laos. In the field Brad is highly resourceful, using whatever is available to him to complete his mission. He also uses unconventional tactics such as playing dead, using others as decoys and causing diversions.

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After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, he came home, got married and his son Ben was born. Brad joined S.O.G. [Special Operations Group] of the C.I.A. under the command of Colonel Kurk Adams. Brad is a Paramilitary Operations Officer going on covert search and rescue operations in hostile foreign countries. Brad became a workaholic from 1976 to 1986, conducting successful rescue operations in Central America including El Salvador, in several South American countries such as Colombia, and in the Middle East including Lebanon. He would leave his wife and son for long periods to go on dangerous missions in foreign countries. His wife divorced him and Brad missed most of his eight year old son’s childhood.

Brad never hesitated to kill anyone that got in the way of completing his mission. In 1986, Brad is a First Lieutenant when he is given the North Korean operation. He quickly learned as much Korean as he could. He memorized maps of North Korea and their troop positions along with the most concealed route to move by foot into the Tonghae missile test site.

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name: Jill

She grew up in the mountain town of Whitefish, Montana. Her father was an officer in the Army and her mother was a hot shot smoke jumper fighting wildfires. Her parents were mostly away while she was growing up, leaving her to be raised by her grandparents. Spending a lot of time with her grandpa, she learned how to hunt and fish. Always the tomboy, she was only interested in doing what the boys were doing which left her as an outcast with the other girls in school.

Jill learned to take care of herself at an early age. As a teenager she lived alone when her parents were away, but she was still more responsible than most teens, making it to school on time and getting good grades. Not taking guff from anyone, she would fight anybody no matter how big they were, which led her to get expelled from high school for breaking a football player’s arm in a fight.

She joined the Army and wasn’t interested in being a nurse. She served two years in the Army in support units and requested to join a combat unit which was denied. Irritated with the Army, she left and joined S.O.G. [Special Operations Group] of military personnel in the C.I.A. Through S.O.G. she was allowed access to Special Forces training and also underwent C.I.A. field agent training, specializing in disguises. With no family of her own besides her parents, she was eager to be assigned to extended spy operations in hostile countries or to volunteer to go into any war zone where the C.I.A. needed her.

In 1983, Jill was sent to Grenada where she worked undercover spying on the Grenadian military government for a year. She posed as an American medical student attending school there. Using charm, good looks and a beautiful red dress, Jill gained access to a formal banquet attended by top Grenadian government and military officials. She drank cocktails with a Grenadian army general, then went with him to a private bedroom. Drawing a suppressed pistol from her purse she shot the general in the head. The general’s assassination was ordered by the Department of Defense as part of a preemptive strike on the Grenadian command. The next day President Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada under Operation Urgent Fury. The removal of the general caused an important breakdown of the Grenadians’ military resistance to the U.S. invasion.

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name: Clint

Coming from a middle class family in a southern California suburb, Clint grew up spending most of his time at the beach surfing and partying with friends around bonfires. He drove an army green jeep to school and to the beach. He wanted to join the army after high school but his parents wouldn’t let him, saying he must go to college. Being an easygoing upbeat guy in any situation, he didn’t argue with his parents. Instead he got accepted to a university that his parents approved of, but then he joined an Army ROTC [Reserve Officers’ Training Corps] program there. He could have been a politician by getting what he wants while still pleasing others that disagree. He graduated and was commissioned as an officer in the Army. He went through Special Forces training in unconventional warfare, specializing in foreign insurgency. He joined the CIA going through field agent training and learned to speak fluent Russian.

From 1981 to ‘83, he went into Afghanistan with a small team of special forces to arm and train Mujahideen [Afghan militia] fighting the Soviet-occupation forces there. Clint oversaw the supplying of American anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to the Mujahideen along with the necessary training they needed to effectively use those weapons. Clint helped plan, and participated in, ambushes of Soviet armor convoys and attacks on Soviet bases in the Afghan mountains.  


In 1984, he volunteered to work in Korea for the CIA as a Field Agent, working as a handler of a network of local Korean recruits spying on Soviet military advisers in North Korea. He also oversaw the monitoring of Russian radio transmissions coming from North Korea from the Russian military advisers there. Here he worked with and became friends with Dennis.  


name: Dennis

Dennis was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Growing up poor in a slum next to a railroad yard, Dennis was raised by his mother and grandma, all living together in a small house. His mom made sure he never missed a Sunday at their Baptist church. He played football in high school and volunteered at his church to cook and serve food to the homeless and poor. After graduating high school, he joined the Army. Always thinking of others before himself, he sent most of his paychecks home to his mom so she could move to a nicer neighborhood. In the Army he specialized in radio and telecommunications. He was stationed in West Berlin, Turkey and Greece, monitoring Soviet military radio and telephone communications. In his spare time you can find him playing video games at a local arcade. In 1984, Dennis was offered higher pay at the CIA so he joined, going through field agent training and learning inscription deciphering. He was sent to South Korea where he worked for Clint intercepting Soviet radio and telephone communications from Russian military advisers that were supplying the D.P.R.K in North Korea with missiles and helping with their nuclear weapons development program.


name: Vlod

Vlod Makarov was born at Armavir military airfield in the Soviet territory of Krasnodor, where his dad was stationed in the Soviet air force, going through fighter pilot training. When Vlod was young his dad was an alcoholic, beating Vlod and treating him as if he were a soldier in the army. At age ten his father sent him away to Kazan Suvorov Military Boarding School where Vlod lived a structured and responsible military life, wearing a uniform, marching and studying military history. He outperformed others physically and academically, graduating at the top of his class and winning his father’s acceptance above everyone else in his family. 


He joined the army at age eighteen, quickly rising in rank, showing leadership skills and a fanatical drive to accomplish any orders given to him. He completed special forces training and joined the Spetsnaz [Soviet special forces.] Vlod was in Operation Storm-333 where the Spetsnaz stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. killing Afghan President Hafizullah Amin, his son and over 300 of his guards. Vlod fought in Afghanistan for three more years conducting reconnaissance missions and helicopter air assault operations against Mujahideen strongholds in the mountains. Wounded many times in combat, he never hesitated to kill anyone that got in the way of completing his mission. He uses his knowledge of military history and tactics to think fast on his feet in combat, making cunning choices that saved himself and his comrades along with completing the objective. He volunteered to go on solo missions, operating alone in remote areas to assassinate Mujahideen leaders. 


With no family of his own Vlod supported his parents financially and would go home to see them when he was on leave between combat tours. He usually visited his mother back home by herself as his father was still in the Soviet air force flying a Su-25 ground attack jet in the Afghan war. Vlod would attend military parades in the Red Square in Moscow, saluting the troops marching through. A patriot, he believes in defending his country and is a true believer in communist ideals. Vlod joined the K.G.B. in 1984. He was given a fake Greek identity and sent undercover into the U.K. carrying out surveillance and assassinations. Then in 1986 he was ordered to go undercover in the U.S.

name: Mikhail

Mikhail Fedorov grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was a book smart kid but not always the most street smart, getting beat up by other kids at school. Not interested in sports or pursuing anything athletic, he focused on school studies excelling beyond everyone else in his grade level and then surpassing everyone at his school. After high school he passed a series of difficult exams and was accepted into Saint Petersburg University. There he studied physics and met his wife Elena. They had a son Andrey together and Mikhail received a PHD, then was drafted into the air force. 


Mikhail and his family moved to a Soviet airbase where their daughter Anna was born. A loving father spending most of his spare time with his family, he played with his kids as they grew up, helped them with school homework and had sit down dinners together. Mikhail is a devout Christian, but must hide this from his superior officers in order to be politically correct in following the Communist party line of anti-religion. He wears a gold crucifix concealed under his shirt, and could lose his rank and higher benefits with the air force if they discovered he was a Christian.


Mikhail worked on advanced missile guidance systems until one day his team of physicists was tasked with solving problems of a new top secret laser technology that needed to be made exponentially more powerful in order to be useful as a weapon. Mikhail went back to studying the physics of quantum electrodynamics and designed a new electron accelerator which was built and installed in a prototype free electron laser already under development by other Russian physicists. The laser was tested by firing it at a steel plate. Mikhail’s design worked by burning a hole through the plate. His son Andrey was drafted into the army and Mikhial requested that Andrey be placed in the air force instead, but the Soviet command ignored his request. Mikhail was transferred to Bombora Airfield to help construct a new laser installation there. Bombora is a Soviet airbase located in the District of Gudauta on the shore of the Black Sea, in the Republic of Abkhazia.